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Callisto Community

The Software as a Service Community Edition of Callisto is available free of charge and requires no infrastructure or configuration. All data stays in your environment.

Key Features

  • Configuration Manager Reporting
  • Single Pane dashboard view
  • RBAC Compliant
  • Dashboard data for
    • Inventory
    • Update Compliance
    • OS Deployment
    • BitLocker
    • Office 365
    • Software Metering

Callisto Professional

Available SaaS (coming Q1 2020) and as an on-premise application today, Callisto Professional provides all capabilities available in Callisto Community plus:

  • Wallboard mode with animation and auto update
  • Full data export functions
  • Support for 100s of users
  • Device warranty services
  • Full dashboard pages for:
    • Inventory
    • OS and OS Deployment
    • Software Update Compliance, deployments, SUGs and more
    • Baseline Reporting
    • Endpoint Protection

Callisto Enterprise - Coming Q3 2020

The top tier of Callisto extends all of the capabilities of Callisto Professional and adds several enterprise features.

  •  Central on-premise Callisto Controller secured from internal PKI or public certificate
  • Warranty caching service enables warranty expiry alerts and reporting in Callisto Warranty dashboard (Dell, Lenovo, HP and Toshiba devices currently supported)
  • Software Asset Management features for tagging license details against Configuration Manager software records
  • Hardware Asset Management extensions for Configuration Manager device record




Callisto as a Service Platform

The innovative Callisto SaaS solution provides a true hosted SaaS environment which maintains all dashboards and reports for Callisto functionality, combined with the Callisto Controller, a small executable which runs on the user’s PC. 

The controller is used to fetch data from the on-premise Configuration Manager database when the Callisto dashboards request it. All Configuration Manager data stays within the corporate environment, the Callisto user simply needs to have read access to the Configuration Manager database. 

Configuration Manager Role Based Administration Control (RBAC) rules , if defined, are followed by the Callisto as a Service Platform ensuring a consistent experience for all users in companies of all sizes.

Callisto On-Premise

The on-premise version of Callisto provides the same capabilities as the SaaS version but runs as an IIS-based intranet website with a local SQL/SQL Express database for configuration storage. All System Center data remains in the product databases.

Callisto on-premise provides dashboards and reporting for System Center Service Manager and Operations Manager as well as the full Configuration Manager reporting capabilities of CaaS.


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