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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a few things we commonly get asked

What's the difference between Community and Pro?

Callisto Community is free to use SaaS application. It provides a single page dashboard with elements from across the ConfigMgr dataset. Callisto Pro is available as an on-premise or SaaS application (coming as SaaS in 2020) and has multiple dashboard pages, wallboard mode, full export capabilities, warranty integration and loads more. 

Where does Callisto store my data?

It doesn’t! All of your data stays in your datacentre. The Callisto website in the SaaS edition is rendered by your local web browser and our Callisto Controller, which is a little exe that runs on your PC, fetches the data from your local SQL database when requested by the website. We never see that data, all we know is your email address and the name of your database and SQL server.

Can I add or remove dashboard items and customise this?

In Callisto Community there is no configuration required or possible. You sign up for a tenant, provide the database details and away you go. In Callisto Professional (SaaS) we will be providing a dashboard builder to allow you to select the most relevant metrics to your role.


Can Callisto show the versions of Windows 10 installed in my environment?

Of course! The Windows 10 Servicing portlet, on the bottom row of Callisto objects can list servicing channel, release version and edition along with showing whether your devices are running a supported version of Windows 10.

Do I pay monthly or annually for Callisto Professional?

The price for Callisto Pro is the same on-prem or SaaS (once it is available SaaS in 2020). For the SaaS version you can pay monthly or annually, for the on-prem version the price is the same but is only payable annually. Both are $20 / £15 per month or $240 / £180 per year.

My question isn't answered here, where should I go?

Please fill in the form above and someone will get back to you asap! 

Some nice things people have said about Callisto recently. We get quite a lot of contact via Reddit on the /R/SCCM subreddit and via Twitter @Apajove 

International Law Firm

“The dashboard is beautiful and most importantly the team at Callisto are awesome. If you are looking to gain visibility of your environment I recommend giving Callisto a go.”

International Manufacturer

“I fought for a year to get this at my company and finally won. This product is (ahem) awesome.. I use it every single day and it is what SCCM reporting should be. The team over at Callisto is one of the best I ever worked with.. I’m always emailing them with ideas on what I’d like to see in the product and they are always open to them and even say they will (and have) implement them in future releases..

Seriously, this software is awesome…”

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