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Thanks Jason,
Does the account you’re logging in with have an email address set in AD that matches an account in the ConfigMgr console for an RBAC role? I.e. if you opened the console with that account would you see a limited set of stuff or would you see everything?

How long does it take for the dashboard to render, we’re wondering if it’s timing out. If you could send us a screenshot to that’d be handy.

And if you press F12, go to the Console tab, reload the page and see if any errors appear, do the same for the Network tab, and send us anything interesting in there. The last XHR Content Type request on the network type would be interesting to see if you can send us the output of that. We’re keen to get this fixed for both of you.

Alternative to all of the above, if you’re able to do a screenshare with one of the dev guys here that might be a lot easier! So please let me know.